Upcoming Birthday Celebration!

Cynthia, our oldest Red Ruffed Lemur, will be turning 33 years old on March 30th.  On March 27th, the Explore the Wild team (Autumn and myself) will be providing Cynthia and the other Red Ruffed Lemurs with different types of enrichment and food items so that we can celebrate this milestone.  This will provide the Red Ruffed Lemurs with great opportunities to interact with different food items and enrichment plus give the keepers a chance to take a lot of pictures!  So, this will beRead more

Partying for Pig

A very cool thing happened last Friday– a museum member and her 3 year old daughter came in and brought us a whole stack of blankets for our pig. Our pig is allergic to hay (it makes his sensitive skin break out into sores) so we give him old blankets to lie on and sleep in. The little girl just had a birthday party (pig themed) and asked all of her guests to bring, instead of a gift for her,Read more