The Produce Bomber Strikes Again.

If I only had a video camera to show you how the following played out you would laugh so hard. Last week, I approached my driveway at 9 PM, I stop the car because someone is at the foot of the driveway. I assume it’s a dog walker, but my neighbor turns around says something like “oh…I’ve been caught” and starts to run back to her house with a large grocery bag in her arms. I yell for her to come onRead more

Too busy to write

It’s been a crazy and busy week- too much going on to even sit and think. We’ve been paying extra attention to our newest members.  Last week about this time I was out at Our Ancestral Farm with Dr. Cannedy doing a herd check on the alpacas.     My head is still spinning from the week, but I’ll share (what I can remember) from the week: Meetings, some multiple times, with 7 different contractors: 1) the fence company putting upRead more