Medicating the Bears

Every animals takes their medication differently. A few years ago, Jill made a post about how we get some of our animals to take their meds. Recently, we had Leslie out in Explore the Wild taking photos of some of our exhibits and she just happened to catch Janine and me giving our bears their dewormer. Just like your pets at home get prophylactic dewormers (medication that is intended to prevent parasites), we do the same for our animals hereRead more

Why You Should Always Carry A Camera: Reason 1

Every morning Henry, the woodchuck, gets an Efa Capsule to keep his skin and coat looking good. Usually he takes his medicine very well especially if you put it on banana, a piece of bread or if he is really lucky on a Henry sized peanut butter sandwich. This morning when I opened Henry’s door to give him his medication I was greeted by him sitting in his bed, staring at me, patiently waiting for his medicine. Upon closer inspectionRead more

A bowl full of mashed chow and banana…

  …Helps the medicine go down! Keeper Jill wrote a post “Time for your medicine” about all the tricks we use to get animals to take their medicine. She posted pictures of the Red Ruffed Lemurs taking some meds. The Ring Tailed Lemurs aren’t so easy! But I found a very easy mix of mashed lemur chow and banana that seems to mask their dewormer enough for them to eat it.    Cross your fingers and hope they eat it all Read more

Time for your medicine

If you have pets at home you probably have tried all the tricks there are. There is the medicine hidden in the cheese,medicine in pill pockets and for humans you may have flavor added to your elixir. But, what about the animals at the museum? Chinchillas don’t chow down on cheese and reasoning with a reptile rarely works. At the museum we have to be clever, because sometimes the animals can eat around the medicine or not take  it atRead more