What is Browse?

In animal keeper language, browse means plants and vegetation that we offer to our animals. Several times a week we harvest freshly cut browse that has been approved by our veterinarians. Our veterinary specialist, Katy, put together a browse book that includes pictures of the plant/tree, who it is approved for and where on grounds it grows. This is a great asset for new keepers just learning to identify different vegetation and for seasoned keepers to make sure their knowledge is up to date.Read more

Pupdate #8… VIDEOS!

May 30 is our next planned pup check so we’ll have more information to share then. In the meantime, lots has been going on with the wolves. Check out Ranger Greg’s blog post from May 24. Pups are spending time out of the den, walking, and  moving around (on their own and via the mouth’s of their parents). In fact, you might not see them at all in the primary den as the parents have spent time moving the pupsRead more

Romeo in a bag!

Our newest Opossum, Romeo, is in quarantine. When ever an animal is in quarantine we still try to give them enrichment. We try to only use disposable items so we can just toss them out. I put Romeo’s food in a paper bag and was surprised to see how he got his food out! Watch below!  Read more

Pumpkins for alligators

Pumpkin season is coming. Post-Halloween leftovers are great for Museum enrichment. However, we had a little pumpkin fun early with the alligators on Friday. You know alligators “like” ducks, so no big surprise that they “like” pumpkins too! (Look for more pumpkin blog posts in November!)  Read more

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

What do Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and our Ring-Tailed Lemurs have in common? They are all artists, of course! We do all sorts of things to enrich the lives of our animals and sometimes we do stuff just for fun! It is great when they are one in the same! Our bachelor group of lemurs got to try their hand at painting!   How do we get our lemurs to paint you ask? Watch the video below to see!  Read more