Christmas 2017

So, I’m sweating at 5:30. Last night I set out shorts and sweat pants and a sweatshirt. I know I am always hot with the heat blowing while working indoors, so I set out layers to wear today. Yay for being prepared. Here’s the but… I decided not to wear them — what the heck was I thinking!! My alarm went off at 4:52 and I drug myself off the couch (with glasses on and not lost this year), brushedRead more

Monday is Christmas…

… and you know what that means ?! Just me while the rest of the staff are celebrating, sleeping, or doing whatever they want while not at work. Thank goodness Harriet will be helping again this year. Please, share any favorite “Christmas Blog post memory” (or specific desires for me to capture this Christmas). One of my favorites (of many) is a 2013 post-Christmas writing challenge that Sarah took on.  A list of Blog posts from past Christmas’  can be perusedRead more

Christmas 2016

So, I arrive this Christmas without any issues at all- waking before my alarm and remembering to pack some food. The Keepers have left me some notes: Compared to Christmas 2015, there are a few primary differences I notice right off the bat: I am using a smart phone this year to take pictures… no more flip phone for me. I set the logbooks up on the Vet Room table rather than the counter- apparently sitting is a desire thisRead more

Christmas 2016 is coming

We’ve been gone from blogging for a very long time… but we’re back. Look for my annual Christmas post as a welcome back, but in the meantime you can scroll through past Christmas Blog posts if you want: Christmas 2015 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2013 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2010 Christmas 2009 Christmas 2008 Christmas 2007Read more

Christmas 2015

You know the deal. Advance prep for the day: Review all the log books and check in with Keepers about any specific things to note. CHECK Christmas present for Security Guard. CHECK Headlamp and tasty food for me on desk and ready. CHECK New batteries in Camera. CHECK   All’s ready for the day.   5:00 AM arrival with the only issue being I startled the security guard. I arrive set to have no escapes, even though Sarah commented itRead more

One Week ’til Christmas…

…and you know what that means: I have the Museum all to myself for one long and glorious tiring day. I give everyone off for the day and take care of all that needs taking care of. While the Keepers are celebrating the day or sleeping late or hanging out with family and friends, I am at the Museum causing trouble. As you know, what makes Christmas most special is that you all get to read about my trials andRead more