Christmas 2017

So, I’m sweating at 5:30. Last night I set out shorts and sweat pants and a sweatshirt. I know I am always hot with the heat blowing while working indoors, so I set out layers to wear today. Yay for being prepared. Here’s the but… I decided not to wear them — what the heck was I thinking!! My alarm went off at 4:52 and I drug myself off the couch (with glasses on and not lost this year), brushedRead more

My pitch to engineering students at Duke

I spent a few minutes this morning over at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering. The students in this class work on real world problems that need solving. Several people and agencies from the community came and presented different problems that could be solved with the help of the students.   The project we pitched:   You’ll learn more if our project was chosen as one to be worked on by the students. I hope so, and hope we get aRead more

QuikPics: bears and watermelon

A friend shared the following photos with me. Also, I took a quick video of the bears lining up getting ready for the watermelons to come (notice the woodchuck in the back of the clip). Thanks for the pictures Courtney!      Read more