Closed Mondays

Loads happens at the Museum on Mondays when we’re closed. We really couldn’t do painting or major cleaning without shutting down areas so the time is well appreciated and used. Last week in the Animal Department world we off-loaded and stored almost 4,000 pounds of animal bedding and feed and in the next couple weeks were adding new signage in Carolina Wildlife and fixing the Copperhead’s home. Recently, I found a team from Facilities and Exhibits pressure washing and paintingRead more

Cattle Chute in action

Check out our summer project (cattle head gate and chute) in action: A big thanks to the 20 or so people who worked on this cattle chute and head gate to get it functional. We can now make sure Dallas, Dusty, and our veterinarians are as safe as possible when check-ups and certain treatments are needed.    Read more

Closed Monday projects- Thank you Aaron

Lots and Lots of work occurs on our Closed-Monday projects. Thus far, we’ve removed dead trees from the lemur exhibit, pressure washed every barn in the farmyard, dusted all the lighting in Carolina Wildlife, and mowed and seeded the bear yard. Aaron took one for the Team on Monday as he cleaned up underneath the Aviary and Muskrat exhibits in Carolina Wildlife. It is one of the most miserable tasks I can think of, so a HUGE thanks to AaronRead more