Last Pup Check complete

The last pup check on the red wolf pups is complete. The next planned handling will be for the fall physicals for all the red wolves. The pups aren’t really pups anymore. It happens. It happened last year, and no surprise that it happened this year. They are starting to fill into their body and each weigh over 30 pounds. You can get a feel for how big they are now by looking at Autumn holding once of them inRead more

Name that Pup

Thanks again to Ranger Robert for sharing his photos of the wolves. Can you Identify the pup in each of the pictures below? You’ve got a 50% chance since there are only two. Five photos. Good Luck.    Read more

Pups Out and About (sort of)

A friend was at the wolf exhibit Friday and sent me the following photos. 2246 (pup A) was up on the cliff with his parents when we arrived to clean the exhibit and feed Friday morning. At first, we thought it was 2247 (pup B) on the cliff since he seems to be out more. But as soon as we entered the exhibit and passed by the den door pup 2246 ran off the cliff and right into the den.Read more