Dad’s Duties

M1803 is a great dad. He’s got a few jobs. Primarily, starting when the female is pregnant, he provides food. He brings her food. He lets her take food from him. He repeats. Another one of his jobs is to oversee his territory and keep his family safe. He does this from outside the den. Rarely, if ever, does he enter when the pups are newborn. He’ll be more directly involved with the pups when they start moving around onRead more

No More Pup Prep– They’re Here!

I mentioned the end of March that we were preparing for red wolf pups and watching closely the second half of April. Well, the second half of April is here and I got a call from Autumn early Saturday morning that pups were here! What great news to start the weekend!  Three pups were spotted on the den camera. Unsure if more were to come, we made plans to keep the exhibit area quiet all day, and check on the pupsRead more

Red Wolf Update

Ranger Greg posted about our wolves a couple weeks ago- it’s breeding season after all.  (To learn a little more about the reproductive cycle for red wolves click here). Mating and full ties were spotted multiple times during the latter half of February. Now, we wait, and wait, and wait, for about 9 weeks. M1803 has sired litters before, so we know “he’s proven”. This is F2062 first time paired for breeding. She’s young so we’re hopeful we’ll have pupsRead more