So we’ve been at this blogging thing since October of 2007, and we decided that it’s time for a change in the way we look. Just think of it as reader enrichment. Our new look will have a picture bar across the top just like the excellent blog of Ranger Greg Dodge. So go check out the bar and read up on his posts while you’re there. What we are trying to decide is what our categories should be. We’veRead more

More Out of the Pocket Than in the Pocket of a Keeper: Volume the Third

Fall is in the air at last(ish)! I really enjoy this time of year when everything is cooling down again (although in our case it’s more like colding down and then heating up and then finally, maybe, cooling down a little, for now, if we’re lucky and don’t jinx it. Oops.). Regardless, October is definitely one of my favorite months because it’s such a transition month (my other favorite month is March for the same reason. Have you heard theRead more