Update from the Week.

I got some non-desk time this week. This meant, lots of clothes, bandanas and masks to sweat through. However it also meant some good times and sights to be had. I did a great virtual Summer Camp program with Steve, David, and the Farmyard Critters. I also did a bunch of weed-eating, and clearing unwanted plant growth from a few areas. While working at Bear Overlook, the bears treated me with a visit. I sooooooo wanted to be where MimiRead more

Last Week in June

I was so happy this morning to welcome back former volunteer and former temporary Animal Keeper Nicole. Nicole’s arrival and help brought smiles and cheers from the rest of the team this morning! The other thing I was sooooooo happy about this morning is Virginia’s improvement. Last week she tore part of the skin off her foot. Given the issues she has already walking it was a hard few days for her. We’ve had her locked in the house soRead more

Rain Rain Go Away

Not sure where the week went. Maybe it’s because I’ve been on so many meetings I cannot remember what’s been going on. Many people these days are meeting all the time on the computer. I’d have to say— what a drag. Thank goodness I get to be out in the field taking care of the animals and the people, and only part of the time on my computer. With the weather, all our yard work projects came to a halt,Read more

Lots of help means lots of thank yous

It’s the time of year for spring cleaning. It is also the time of year when yard work never ends. We couldn’t tackle any of these projects without the help of others. Just like last Tuesday, we have some people to thank. Brooke, from our Guest Relations Team, has been working all over the place: prepping diets, scrubbing floors, cleaning indoor spaces, and more. Thanks Brooke! Richard, from our Butterfly House Team, has been working with us specifically clearing brushRead more

May 13 Update

I started writing this at around 5:30 this morning. At 5:30 AM, it’s quiet at the Museum, at a time when it should be quiet. It feels normal and that’s nice. What is also turning out to be normal is opening packages with more gifts for the critters! As I mentioned Sunday, we had yard work to do out in Explore the Wild. We got the wolf pool cleaned thanks to Janine. Rob spent an hour pulling poison ivy– youRead more

Wednesday Transition

We’re approaching the time for our weekly transition of staff. Wednesday mornings fly by, and then there is a flurry of activity to prepare for the switch off. We clean and disinfect as we go, but during this transition period, we spend extra time disinfecting everything we can think of. Even the vehicles we drive. (Thanks Janine). For me, I gather up everything I can think I need to continue to work offsite. (Mostly it’s my work bag with aRead more