Super Mandy

Meet Mandy. She’s responsible for the Museum’s Birthday Party Programs. In this role, she works closely with Educators, guests, our team of education animals, and all of us on the Animal Care Team. Mandy didn’t want to be photographed, but I recently found her updating materials for our Animal Handlers. Our documentation and training for those staff that work with animals for programs is extensive. Mandy stepped into this additional responsibility as our Program Animal Handler Trainer (not the bestRead more

Volunteer Help

I caught some of our volunteers working hard last week. A huge thanks to those spotlighted below, and all the other volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to help us care for the animalsRead more

Preparing for Incidents

I help lead the team of staff that respond and help manage incidents on grounds. It’s a great group of folks to spend time with. We review actual incidents that have occurred, discuss situations we are concerned about, review procedures, conduct surprise drills, and more. In the past few weeks we conducted “Emergency Jeopardy” as well as knocked out two emergency drills. TEAM ULI, my partner and Butterfly House Director, took on TEAM SHERRY in our Jeopardy style activity. AsRead more

Christmas 2019

Happy Christmas! Today has been incredibly smooth. I am sure it is due to the abundance of help. Yesterday we had an almost full contingent of staff, and today, Keeper Chris and Volunteer Virginia were in to help this morning. Given the help, it meant my start time was much later. I woke before my 6:01 AM alarm and arrived at work to get settled and organized for Chris’ arrival at 7 AM. In addition to the later start time,Read more

Thank you Marilyn!

We got a truck load (literally) of food delivered a few days ago. 63 boxes of food and Marilyn broke down EVERY SINGLE BOX. Huge thanks goes out to Marilyn for stepping out of her day job and helping out (again) in the animal department.Read more