Hawk Handlers

It’s exciting as we’re getting a few more staff trained to work with our red-tailed hawk, Misha. Our new handlers will buddy up with some of our current hawk handlers, so hopefully you’ll see us, and Misha, out and about around campus more.    Read more

Behind the scenes with our Education Animals

Keeper Mary got some cute video of a couple of our Education Animals. The first video is of Juliet, our opossum, using her prehensile tail to grab newspaper for her bedding. The second is a quick video of Misha, our red-tailed hawk coughing up (casting) a pellet. SO COOL, THANKS MARY!!    Read more

Guest Blogger Melissa: Duke School Project

  Melissa from our Innovation and Learning Department worked with a school on a really cool project. Keep Reading if you want to learn more.               A few months ago, the Duke School approached the Museum for their 5th grade Animalia project. The students wanted to work towards solving a challenge that would benefit the Museum keepers, animals, and the public. We tasked one group with creating an enrichment for our black bears andRead more