What’s Behind the Locker Room Door…

I’m thinking of creating a recurring post titled “WHAT’S BEHIND THE DOOR?” This will be my third post about surprises I have found on other sides of doors. What do you think? Good idea? (post #1, here, and post #2, here).   Anyway, I opened up our Locker Room Door and found this:  Read more

Tortoise Shell Casting

Our Explore the Wild exhibit area has wonderful native and exotic animals to take in and enjoy. At each location we have “interactives” for people to get up-close with. It might be scat at bears or fur at wolves and bird calls at the Wetland Overlook. Each item helps people to connect with the animals and build a relationship with something one cannot touch, or sometimes even see. We’ve been trying to get a tortoise shell at Lemur/Tortoise Overlook sinceRead more

Dr English… board certified veterinary ophthalmologist

Dr English, a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist, comes and checks on Museum animals every year. This year he saw 15 of our critters: three snakes, all our owls, our donkey, chinchilla and ferret, a rabbit, and all our aviary birds. We’re so appreciative that Dr. English checks on the animals who need his help. He tracks any changes in patients’ eyes from previous visits and checks out new animals who we have concerns about. He and is team graciously andRead more

This year’s wolf physicals complete

This year’s wolf physicals are done. All wolves and people did great. It went a lot like last year and starts with lots and lots of planning. (click here to read about last year’s physicals) The first phase of work is catching up our wolves from the yard. Working in our wolf yard and along the cliff is a bit daunting. As with the pup checks all summer long, both pups ran into the den rather quickly. After which, weRead more