Yesterday’s pup check

We had great weather yesterday to do our 4-week check on the pups. We gathered our team, supplies, and made our work plan for entering the yard. At 4-weeks, the pups are more mobile, their ears are starting to get pointy, snout longer, eyes are open, and their dark color is starting to fade on their legs in particular. By next check, the blazes on their chest will likely be very faded. We still use our newborn pup check sheetRead more

Interns’ Final Project

Intern’s Vickie and Rachel finished up their semester with us last week. We will miss them– and all their help. Part of the work of their semester was doing a scientific research project on animal enrichment. They chose to do something for Dusty and Dallas, our Miniature Hereford Cattle. The purpose of their project was to increase locomotion and have the cattle utilize the entire exhibit area by increasing activity levels. The hypothesis was with the introduction of a PVCRead more

Pupdate: April 27, 2019

Good news: it’s the weekend and we’ve got 10 wolves in our habitat. (While high, that’s the number we hope we have each time we post). I mentioned on Monday when the pups were born that there is this fine line of letting the wolves be and making sure the pups are doing okay. The pups seemed okay on day one, even the little one. However making sure the pups’ feet were okay and that they were all gaining weightRead more

WOW- pile of pups arrived today

I was notified last night that the female wolf, F2062, was acting very antsy. Seems like she knew Earth Day was the day to deliver her pups. Welcome to these six amazing little ones. The future of red wolves relies on these new additions and facilities like us and our partner institutions. We provide opportunities not only for breeding, but also to share information about this critically endangered species. Hopefully we are making more red wolf advocates along with moreRead more

New Arrivals!

No, not wolf pups. Salamanders! Two California Tiger Salamanders, Ambystoma californiense, arrived today. The Sacramento Zoo sent us these beauties. We’ve been working on the transfer for a few months. After medical checks and appropriate licensing and permits cleared, the two became ours. They will be in quarantine for a bit, and then we expect to have our staff take them out for educational programs.Read more