Virginia Bear Update: laser and more

Readers know Virginia has extensive osteoarthritis. She receives multiple medicines and laser treatments to help. Some photos (and video) below. We’ll be doing a series of posts in December about Virginia’s recent challenges, and her trip to the NCSU Vet School for a CT scan.      Read more


Hope everyone got to give thanks yesterday. I had a few virtual family gatherings, and one outdoor distanced meal with the kids, before coming in to check on the animals and give evening meds. If you’ve read previous blog posts, gratitude is a theme– especially in pandemic times. Check out this article on how to practice gratitude. Photos below from some more gifts that arrived from our wish list. THANK YOU GIFT GIVERS! Melissa and Mindy sent most of theRead more

Saturday thank you…

We had a few scheduling challenges today, so I came in to help a bit, and asked some others to as well. Here are my thank yous from the day. First, the non-humans, then, the human helpers. Thank you Dallas for being ready in the chute… you did not need to be ready but thank you anyway. Thank you Duckie for laying eggs today   Now, for the people. Volunteer Alayna started with us in September. We called in someRead more

Recent Vet Checks… and goodbyes

Recently, a few animals have had some issues tended to, their annual physicals, or sadly, we said goodbye to a couple of our older animals. First, Florian is doing well. He got his annual vaccines. His issues are holding steady. (Florian has three different cancers. Yes, three. The operable ones have been tended to– his skin cancer on his tail is gone and has not recurred. Additionally, the mass in his neck is holding steady in size). Tennille, our muskrat,Read more

With Gratitude

Boxes of gifts seemed to pour in the past few days. (The pile of recycling in my office is hefty). Each time I passed a gift note to the Team to read, another gift would arrive.     I am so thankful for the well wishes… and who doesn’t love opening gifts! Yet again I am reminded of the impact gratitude has on life. It’s a gift for the giver and receiver. (Check out Dr. Laurie Santos‘ work, or clickRead more