Thanks Debbie!

Former CFO Debbie and current volunteer Debbie sent us a bunch of goodies from our Amazon Wish-list. In May we received gifts weekly (thank you to all our gift givers). Debbie sent a wide variety of items. THANK YOU DEBBIE!!!! Our wish list is one way to support the critters (and, as you can see, a few cookies for the humans). If you are so inclined to send gifts, consider boxes of unsalted nuts in the shell (we order 25Read more

Follow-up: Misha’s laser treatment

I’ve heard from a few folks who are interested in more information… either about laser treatments, or my singing. The cold laser (low level light at different frequencies) helps the natural healing process. Studies show positive impact on reducing inflammation, tissue healing, pain reduction, as well as increasing range of motion and strength. We’ve been using the laser on Virginia bear for a few years now to help with her arthritis. As for my singing, here’s a few seconds fromRead more

Laser Treatments

Misha, our 30+ year old red tailed hawk, is one of our animals who gets laser treatments. Treatment is very simple, as he just sits there while we use the laser. I talk to him the whole time (since he is blind, we like to have auditory interaction whenever we’re around him). I often sing, and randomly ramble and rhyme. He’s not critical of my voice skills so I take advantage of my laser time with him 🙂Read more

Broken Record

Confused? Let me help. I sound like a broken record… it’s just (I’m just) too busy. Awfully long days tending to regular tasks and animal issues. Animal Care doesn’t diminish because there are less people visiting the Museum and animals don’t sign-up for “today is my day to be ill”. Last week I spent one day communicating with five different veterinarians about three different critical issues and several other items to tend to. All our “sickies” are on the mend,Read more

It’s been a busy few weeks

I’ve been too busy to write. Medical needs for animals; preparing for bad weather; and just too much work. As far as today, we made it though Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias without any major issues, thank goodness. Even in the dark hours early this morning, as the rain stopped by 5 AM, we could see fences intact and nothing major to repair or tend to. It was a much different tour of grounds tonight than last night. We’ve had a bunchRead more