Animals Eating

I posted recently about the skunk’s nail trim, and the radiated tortoises eating. I caught Betty rabbit eating recently… Figured I would share all three snips in one post:Read more

Nail Trim for Florian

Our cutest skunk ever- Florian- needed his nails trimmed. It went really well, due to the patient’s patience, the clipper’s skill, and the tastiness of some berry yogurt. Well done Mary and Florian!!Read more

The son I never had

Dallas has been having an eye issue. He’s seen a couple different veterinarians and he’ll be seeing a specialist, an ophthalmologist, this week. In the meantime we’ve been treating him with a variety of medicines, none of which are easy to give. I can elaborate on his treatment and issue in the future. For now, I just get a really big chuckle when I see the name on his new prescription, so I thought I would share.Read more

Thanks Debbie!

Former CFO Debbie and current volunteer Debbie sent us a bunch of goodies from our Amazon Wish-list. In May we received gifts weekly (thank you to all our gift givers). Debbie sent a wide variety of items. THANK YOU DEBBIE!!!! Our wish list is one way to support the critters (and, as you can see, a few cookies for the humans). If you are so inclined to send gifts, consider boxes of unsalted nuts in the shell (we order 25Read more