Reminiscing: wolves in the pool

I know 8/10 of the wolf family is gone, however, it was awesome to watch them, especially in the water. Check out these shots of the wolves in the water. All pictures were taken on December 30, 2019 when the temperatures were well above average!Read more

Wolf Transfer Review: The Actual Physical

Here’s the final post about our Wolf Transfer Day. Like with all the other parts of the of the day, we did lots of prep and planning to make sure our actual hands-on work with the wolves went as smooth as possible. Physical sheets, sample bags, blood tubes, vaccinations, emergency drugs, cool down materials, towels, and more, were all readied ahead of time. A verbal review of our plan also took place- several times. We already talked a lot aboutRead more

Wolf Transfer Day: Removing Wolves From Crates

Getting a wolf from out of our wolf yard and into a crate is complicated, as we’ve reviewed. Releasing a wolf from a crate back into the habitat is reasonably easy. For the most part, you open the door and the wolf runs out. (Sometimes, however, some wolves just stay in the crate). But what about getting a wolf out of a crate for its physical? There are numerous ways to do this, and the below routine is what hasRead more

Wolf Transfer Debrief: logistics

I’ve already talked about how we caught the wolves from the habitat, and a whole bunch about crates. Today, we’ll review the logistics, and all the somewhat boring but incredibly necessary pre-planning that occurred to help make this transfer as smooth as possible. Since this might not be the most thrilling part, enjoy these wonderful photos of the wolf family taken December 30, 2019 Planning for this transfer started in the summer of 2019, during the Red Wolf SSP ManagementRead more

Wolf Transfer Day: let’s talk about crates

Last week I talked about catching up the wolves. The focus of post #2 about red wolf transfer day will be on CRATES. In order to catch up 10 wolves, we not only need more than 10 crates (ideally), but very specific sizes and types in order to make our work go as easily as possible. The work starts well ahead of time to make sure we have the crates on grounds: a minimum of 10 of the “x-large” size,Read more

The goodbye was hard… on so many levels

Last week we transferred eight of our red wolves to the Mill Mountain Zoo, one of our Red Wolf SSP partner institutions. We’ve been updating folks through Facebook so hopefully everyone is aware of the changes. I’ll write a few different posts over the coming days to let people in on the enormity of the project. From planning, communications, wolf catch-up, health checks, transportation, emotions, documentation, institutional readiness, supply management, and more; the project was intense. Today, let’s focus onRead more