Daily Meds for Pups

We confirmed at our last Pup check that the pups have Coccidia. It’s a parasite that we found after looking at feces under a microscope (we do what’s called a Fecal Float). The current de-wormer that the pups get every couple weeks does not treat Coccidia. So… we’ve got 10-21 days of daily medicine just for the pups (the parents’ fecal was negative and not surprising since they have likely built up resistance over time).      Read more

T-Shirts for Conservation

Voting goes through Saturday to decide which T-shirt we will make this summer. Both T-shirts are great (each design below). Want to learn more about the conservation of radiated tortoises and ring-tailed lemurs in Madagascar, or of red wolves right here in North Carolina: Click here!    Read more

Pups Out and About (sort of)

A friend was at the wolf exhibit Friday and sent me the following photos. 2246 (pup A) was up on the cliff with his parents when we arrived to clean the exhibit and feed Friday morning. At first, we thought it was 2247 (pup B) on the cliff since he seems to be out more. But as soon as we entered the exhibit and passed by the den door pup 2246 ran off the cliff and right into the den.Read more

Another Pup Check Complete

Pup Checks are going to be harder from here on out. We experienced this last year, although it was a little later. Why? Well, there are lots of reasons. The pups move more now, and may not be in the den. They are physically bigger. They weigh more and are all-leg which means they dangle, and can be harder to support. And, let’s face it, it’s just really hot while we work with them. We started at 7:00 AM MondayRead more