Oh Dusty

Dusty made a little extra work today for the humans at the Museum. Guess what happens when an over 400 Kg Cattle rubs really hard on a car wash brush? You get access to more plants to eat when you bust through the fence. So, a bit of time locked up in the stalls for Dusty and Dallas while the team repaired the fence, and then back out to inspect the completed work.Read more

Happy Mother’s Day

I hope all the mothers out there are staying safe and well, and are getting a little extra of whatever increases smiles today. I made chocolate chip cookies last night. My daughter’s huge smile was the gift I needed. A few things have happened since I was here Wednesday. On the plus side, we got more gifts! On the more challenging side, we had a few issues with two of our Farmyard family members. All is fine now, but here’sRead more

Thanks for the gifts

I shared last month how frustrating package delivery has been. Thank goodness that has been worked through, as today, packages arrived with gifts for the critters! (Last week a couple boxes arrived with snacks for the humans– thanks Betsy!) Such a nice treat. Mocha and Latte were given a chew toy immediately, and look: And we’re now set on goat treats. We use these treats during operant conditioning, for relationship building, and for treatments. Our goats are trained to walkRead more

Browse for the Farmyard Animals

I mentioned a few days ago we did some pruning in the bear yard and were able to gather the clippings and have a browse-fest in the Farmyard. Check out the pictures Shayna shared. Enjoy. Even the pigs and chickens get browse:Read more

Naked alpacas just in time for summer

Our alpacas received their summer cut last Friday. Good timing, as it seems like our lovely spring temperatures are winding down and heat and humidity are arriving. I am always surprised how skinny the alpaca look without their fur. We end up with eight bags of fleece– two from each alpaca. The “seconds” from each one is used for animal enrichment. The “first cuts” are quality fleece that we typically sell. Anyone interested? I wonder if you can make aRead more