A Report from Ranger Sarah

Many Rangers and Keepers spend more time at the wolf habitat than I do. I relish the stories they share with me. Here’s what Ranger Sarah shared with me from her time this past Wednesday with the wolves. (note that 2246 and 2247 are the one-year-old brothers) I was at the wolves from 9-1 today. It was interesting and entertaining to watch the family now that the pups are starting to move on their own.  The pups spent the day onRead more

Spotlight: Sarah Van de Berg

This is Sarah. She’s been a keeper with us since July 2010. You’re going to learn more about her soon as she will start writing posts, although you can view her amazing writing skills by clicking here. Sarah is a Northerner and moved down here from Connecticut to work at the Museum. Her bachelor’s degree is from the University of Rhode Island in Wildlife Conservation Biology. She worked at science museums and sanctuaries in New England, taking care of manyRead more

It’s been a busy few weeks

I’ve been too busy to write. Medical needs for animals; preparing for bad weather; and just too much work. As far as today, we made it though Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias without any major issues, thank goodness. Even in the dark hours early this morning, as the rain stopped by 5 AM, we could see fences intact and nothing major to repair or tend to. It was a much different tour of grounds tonight than last night. We’ve had a bunchRead more

The End of May

It’s the last day of May. Kind of crazy to think about what the last three months have been like. Although not ideal, nor anyone’s preference, we’ve settled into a routine here. The gifts keep coming: (click here for our wish list) Virginia continues to get her laser treatment: The Team spends lunch time, and lots of other time too, with Lightning: We continue to stay diligent in keeping ourselves and the animals as safe and well as possible. Don’tRead more

The Wolves Tied Again!

Ranger Kaitlynn spotted M1803 and F2062 tied again yesterday. We hope to see a few more ties over the next several days. To see still shots of what our wolves looked like last year when mating click here. Check out these videos that Wolf Sarah got from Tuesday: hRead more

Tied on Tuesday!

I got a text from Autumn yesterday around 12:30. “Wolf Sarah” reported the wolves are tied! I’m hoping Ranger Greg got some photos. I’m working on getting video from Sarah, but in the meantime, here is Sarah’s report of how the morning went: Today was exciting! This was my first time seeing any of the wolves successfully tied together. When I first arrived around 10:30, I noticed that 1803 was following 2062, like normal, on the top of the hillRead more