Spotlight: Jill Brown

I have been slack on my Spotlight postings, but I will recommit to telling you all about the special people who work in, with, or help the animal department. I’ve  written spotlights on the rest of the keepers, so here’s the last one, or as Jill would say, I saved the best for last. This is Jill.  She’s been a Keeper here for almost five years ( you can wish her a happy anniversary on September 12). Jill loves birds and Boba Fett. She’sRead more

Guest Blogger Jill talks about our Reuse/Recycle Project

Previously, I wrote a post about a company called Terracycle that allows us to send them items that normally can’t be recycled in this area and get money in return. I am here again to let you know the progress of the program and reiterate how you can help the animal department. Since May, we have collected about $25.00 worth of recycled products. I know this doesn’t sound like a huge amount of money but every little bit helps andRead more

99 days old and doing well.

A successful red wolf pup check occurred earlier this week. Lots and lots of prep work and planning seemed to really pay off. If you recall, our last pup catch-up yielded only 5 of 6 pups caught up. This time, we brought in the entire Animal Care Team and four other staff who have worked with us on previous pup catches. Seems like 13 people and over 100 feet of tarps were the way to go. Three pups started theRead more

So much help (for so much work)

We just finished up bear pool cleaning and yard work. It’s a bear of a task and takes help from so many people. Folks from six different Museum teams spent about 100 total hours taking care of tasks and the bears. The pools are now clean, yard is mowed and weed-eated; poop-scooping complete; pruning off fences; viewing camera is now functional; added traction to cliff access for bears, and probably some other items I’m too tired to remember. The teamRead more

Working with Duke Students

We’ve been working all semester with engineering students at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering. Two student teams challenged themselves to take on the project of making an automatic feeder for Florian our Skunk. Work has been going on behind the scenes since August, but after the Thanksgiving break prototypes will be going up in Florian’s home. We’re very excited to see what has been designed for us and we are hopeful that this will improve Florian’s life here with us.Read more