Teeth update

While meeting with Katy I noticed a picture on her computer. It was of red wolf M1803, Moose, from earlier in the month. It was a great close up of his face (thanks to Ranger Robert for getting the photo), with his jaw open and teeth in excellent view.

It reminded me of the post from the end of May, in which we get a good close up of a video of one of our yearling wolf’s teeth. Teeth of young wolves are somewhat perfect and lovely. As wolves age, life takes its toll and teeth can become broken, chipped, filled with plaque, etc.

Take a good look at Moose’s mouth from a couple weeks ago in the first picture, and compare it to one taken when he lived at the Wolf Conservation Center in NY back in February of 2015. A lot of living and wear and tear takes place in 4.5 years!

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  1. Marjie says:

    Moose is handsome even when showing off his teeth.that is quite a great comparison of teeth within the 2 photos!

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