Money for the bears

Yup, a call for you $$$. I won’t push too hard, just a little… If you love the Museum and our bears, maybe you’d like to contribute to the cause.

We’ve got five bears now and it takes a lot to care for them. (Yona’s been doing great by the way, since she entered the exhibit with the other bears: wrestling with Gus, climbing up trees (and jumping/falling/climbing down), eating and rolling in the grass, and more. We’ll post more photos, but come and visit!) That’s Mimi lying down and Yona standing.

This year’s proceeds from the Great Human Race will be going to bear-care. This year it might be paying for Yona’s surgery. Keeper Marilyn is walking this year- yay Marilyn.
Click here to make an online donation (If you do this please type “Blog” in the comment section).

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