Virginia’s treatment plan

I’ve watched Virginia, our black bear that has been at the Museum since June 2005, grow from a 15 pound cub still on a bottle to a full-grown black bear. We noticed many months ago she had an intermittent yet recurring limp. It never stopped her from doing anything but it just wasn’t going away no matter what variety of treatments we provided. Diagnosis has been a challenge, but we had a team from NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine outRead more

QuikPics: NY Wolf Family

I’ve been too busy to even sit at my desk —  sorry there have been no Blog posts recently. With that said, the following two photos were sent to me so I am sharing with you. Both are of the wolves we sent to NY. You can watch the wolves on a live webcam if you want.      Read more

New Wolves settling in

It’s been a whirlwind getting our family of wolves checked out and up to NY and then getting in our new wolves. I think it was about 50 hours from beginning of transfers to the end. The family is doing well in NY and you can check them out, and the other wolves at WCC, on the webcams. Our new wolves- M1803 and F2062 – handled their trips into the Museum well. As you know, M1803 had a long rideRead more

Wolf Physicals (and Transfer) Complete

Things went great Monday getting our red wolf family caught up, checked out, and transferred to NY. The catch-up was similar to our September catch-up. (Everyone wore gray for this catch… last catch we wore more blue). We learned a lot in September and made appropriate changes in the plan. We added bodies in our wall; had extra people blocking weak spots, and used windscreen instead of tarps for easier manipulation. Numerous meetings and discussions and equipment checks took placeRead more

Autumn Update

The last post from Autumn, about Mimi’s behavior, will be her last for awhile. Autumn will be home for the next few months with Bella, her daughter, born the end of October. Bella weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 21 inches long at birth. We wish Autumn and her family the best and look forward to having Autumn back next year.Read more

Pupdate #22- all grown up and heading out.

I mentioned last week the red wolves would be leaving (still true). We’ve got just 4 more days with them here. When you come to see them make sure you are prepared to see full-grown wolves (just a little skinnier). Take a look at them now (pictures below were taken one month ago on October 7). .Read more