Pupdate #23 – Reflection. Then and Now.

As you know, our red wolves were seen breeding last month, We’re about one month away from watching closer to see if we have wolf pups again this year. In the meantime, some behind the scene prep work is going on. I came across some pictures of the pups– old and new; young and old — and decided to share. WARNING: the last picture is from NY… check out what the pups look like now!     Want to scanRead more

Farmyard Egg-citement!

Chicken eggs come in all sorts of colors aside from the typical brown or white you see in the grocery store. There are 6 bantam (miniature) hens in the farmyard who lay 6 different colored eggs! To help other keepers out, I took a photo of all the eggs together (above) and one of the three white eggs (below) Can you spot the differences? Here are our farmyard ladies, in the same order as the eggs in the first photoRead more

Carolina Wildlife work continues… thanks Michele

We’re plugging away at the repairs in Carolina Wildlife.  The Keepers are working hard moving and managing animals everyday. It’s a lot to manage! Michele, the Exhibit Project Lead on this, literally jumped in and was seen everywhere this past week. Painting begins next week, with more exhibit repair. The first batch of fish arrived today. They are very little, and more will come soon, but you’ll be able to see fish again when Carolina Wildlife reopens!Read more

Red Wolf Update

Ranger Greg posted about our wolves a couple weeks ago- it’s breeding season after all.  (To learn a little more about the reproductive cycle for red wolves click here). Mating and full ties were spotted multiple times during the latter half of February. Now, we wait, and wait, and wait, for about 9 weeks. M1803 has sired litters before, so we know “he’s proven”. This is F2062 first time paired for breeding. She’s young so we’re hopeful we’ll have pupsRead more

Carolina Wildlife repairs

Carolina Wildlife, the Museum’s oldest exhibit area, is closed for a few weeks while we take care of a bunch of maintenance work. Numerous repairs to exhibits along with some painting and carpeting changes are underway. The next few weeks will be interesting behind the scenes as we manage the work- and the animals. The muskrat exhibit is leaking in a few spots. Pipe repairs, window sealing, den rebuilding, and wall replacement are in the works. We’re brightening up whatRead more