Lightning turns 20!

Lightning turns 20 on Tuesday November 6. I was here the day he arrived as a fuzzy 5-month old. I watched him grow up here. He’s met numerous Keepers, lived with several goats, and met thousands and thousands of members and guests who have been charmed by his personality. While not over the hill yet, he’s no longer a spring chicken. We manage several health issues with diligence and medication. I am sure it is no exaggeration to say he’sRead more

What’s Behind the Locker Room Door…

I’m thinking of creating a recurring post titled “WHAT’S BEHIND THE DOOR?” This will be my third post about surprises I have found on other sides of doors. What do you think? Good idea? (post #1, here, and post #2, here).   Anyway, I opened up our Locker Room Door and found this:  Read more

Bears in the Gift Shop?

Our Retail Ops Team dressed up as our Bears this year for Halloween:   Last year folks from our Guest Relations and Services team dressed up as the wolf family. A few years ago Ro from Development dressed as me- check it out, here.  Read more