Pupdate #18

My first thing to share is that they are not pups anymore. Full blown teenagers/mini-wolves is what we are dealing with now. Life is different! Look at them on the cliff. HUGE! Our work starts well before getting our hands on the wolves. Katy spends quite a bit of time getting records, check sheets, medicines, scales, supplies, vaccines, flashlights, spare batteries etc. ready to go and easily accessible for the work to come. Her planning and organization makes the workRead more

Watermelon Day 2017

Next week is Watermelon Day! Come on by on Monday August 7– it’s a great day to talk with Keepers, learn about enrichment and how we care for the animals during the heat of the summer. Check out the schedule here. Read about previous Museum Watermelon Days here and here.    Read more

Radiated Tortoises now in the Lemur Yard!

Our five Radiated Tortoises can now be found in the lemur yard with the Ring-Tailed Lemurs! The tortoises don’t have access to the whole yard so look for them in the area sectioned off with logs. You’ll most likely see the tortoises munching on grass and other vegetation. They will be out in the exhibit yard until temperatures drop too low in the fall. They like it HOT so even on days the lemurs might need a break from theRead more

Red Wolf SSP meeting 2017

Next week I am off to this year’s Red Wolf SSP Meeting. Every July I head to the master plan meeting for the red wolf species survival plan (SSP). Folks from around the country come together to talk “red wolves”. We review new research, what’s going on with the red wolves in the wild, any health advancements, and more. This is also when we make the breeding and transfer recommendations for the upcoming year. With the pups born at theRead more

Pupdate # 17

Given scheduling and temperatures, the pups were caught up early in the day on Saturday July 15. This was their 10-11 week “check up”. During this visit, in addition to the weighing and checking out their overall body, they got their last dewormer, second vaccine, and their microchip for identification. Since it was Saturday, we were a little low on bodies. I enlisted the help of our CFO, Debbie May, to be our note-taker. You can thank Eli, who worksRead more