Gypsy goat update

I mentioned in the past week that things have been mostly fine. Thank goodness, as it’s hard enough to deal when things are going well. Lightning seems much improved, as you can see in my game of fetch with him. We’ve been treating him for a couple weeks now for an apparent ulcer. Not the best time to have added expenses, but we do what has to be done. And speaking of added expenses, Gypsy goat is also in muchRead more

We miss you!

It’s been an intense two weeks– for everyone. I am happy to report that so far, all is mostly okay with the Animal Care Team. Our operations are very different, and it’s quiet not having loads of people around. Some animals seem to prefer having less people on grounds. For instance, the muskrat is more active when it’s quiet. However, our donkey, Lightning, is one that seems to do better when people are here. We’ve set up a table &Read more

Keeping Lemurs Safe

It’s a difficult time– for everyone. Things are new for everyone with the Covid-19 virus. For many weeks we’ve got to change our way of living to help keep ourselves and those most at risk from this virus as safe as possible. At the Museum, a lot has changed. Too much to write about right now. Instead, know that we are here caring for each other and the animals whose wellness we are responsible for. With the above in mind,Read more

Why did our dragon lose so much weight?

I introduced you to our newest bearded dragon last week. When she comes out of quarantine she’ll be used by our staff for education programs and Birthday parties both on and off the Museum campus. Remember, I said she lost 52 grams in just one short week. When we’re talking about a 350 gram animal, that’s a lot (over 15 %). Any idea of what she is looking at on the paper towel in the photo below? It’s the reasonRead more

Closed Monday Work

Lots and lots goes on at the Museum, especially on Mondays when we are closed. Here’s a list of items that occurred the last two weeks: I helped, albeit minimally, our Facilities and Exhibits teams work in Hideaway Woods. A whole team of folks have been working hard on upkeep to the treehouses. Our Animal Care Team dealt with two large deliveries of Farmyard feed and bedding, as well as bedding and materials for other animals, including putting together aRead more