What you missed while we were away, Part 3

I’m not sure I can continue to use this header, but for now, it seemed appropriate: This past June, I said goodbye to my flip phone, and entered the modern era of Smart phones. You first learned of this in my Christmas 2016 post.  This past October, I not only got a video of Florian, but was able to send it to the Keepers. It was the first time anyone had seen Florian climbing, or walking on his platforms andRead more

Another drawing to add to the list

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my drawing skills on the blog. As folks who have seen my drawings know… it’s quite special. my drawing of some staff leaving for the day, click here. drawings of Gus on the scale, by me and Aaron, click here. drawing names… click here.  (which, in terms of topic, is related to this other drawing) my drawing of a glove. The drawing below is not mine (too skilled for me), but rather from CarrieRead more

Group Project Help

We’ve had three groups help us out in the past month: Lenovo did a bunch of barn and roof cleaning in the Farmyard the end of February; Durham Academy kids helped mulch in the Farm yards the second week in March, and this group from Whole Foods scooped in the bear yard and cleared off weeds and brush from all the fence lines. We got about 50 hours of work from these three groups. Click here, here, here, or here,Read more

Meet the New Farmyard Additions

If you haven’t visited us in the last year, you haven’t yet met the 11 new members of the farmyard! Dusty and Dallas, two miniature Hereford bulls, moved into the cattle yard where Max and Chummix once lived. Fern, Charlotte, Wren, Corky, Ducky, and Beatrice now call Brooklyn and Bronx’s former exhibit home. Bill, Charlie, and Percy arrived to fill the shoes of Rocky, Patches, and Mona in the goat yard with Lightning and Gypsy. All of our new additions are fairly young; ranging inRead more

New Muskrats are here

Two new muskrats arrived in the past couple weeks. We have no good photos to share, or names. You are welcome to leave your name choice from the list below in the comment section… by February 11th. Captain and Tennille Frick and Frack Cagney and Lacey Barnum and BaileyRead more

Wild Ring-Tailed Lemurs are in Trouble!

When people think of lemurs they usually think of Ring-Tailed Lemurs. They can be found all around the world in zoological institutions and they can be seen in various movies. Due to their popularity, people assume they are safe from extinction. However, two studies have been published recently that suggest the iconic Ring-Tailed Lemur could be headed for extinction and soon. Both studies, one in Primate Conservation and one in Folia Primatologica, project that there are only 2,000-2,400 lemurs leftRead more