One Month Old

At one month old, the pups are now moving a little on their own, and also by mom, F2062. Ranger Greg has shared a few posts with the pups up on the cliff and down by the den. Click here and here to take a look. Ranger Andrew got this quick video of the pups out of the den.  More videos and news coming… or better yet, come see for yourself.      Read more

Trouble for Tortoises

In April 11,000 critically endangered radiated tortoises were rescued from wildlife traffickers in Madagascar. Click here for the press release. I find it overwhelming to think about the scope of this seizure. The Museum joined the Radiated Tortoise Species Survival Plan (SSP) just over one year ago- our five radiated tortoises arrived in March 2017. We are now part of a group of accredited institutions that work together to support the conservation and recovery of radiated tortoises. Radiated tortoises occupyRead more

Pup Exam

Here’s some video of our pup check earlier this week. I mentioned yesterday that the pups are developing at different rates. You can not only see it in how they look, but also how they react and walk away from us.  Read more

Pups chugging along

We’ve been hands off with the pups for a couple of weeks, but Monday was the day for their vet check. A few photos from our check are below. I’ll get the video up tomorrow. The pups were in the den. This makes everything quicker. We’re in the exhibit a shorter amount of time since we’re not searching for pups and we can access the den easily.       We noticed the pups are developing at different rates. InRead more

Pups on the move

Gone are the days of a pile of pups in the shape of a heart or just a wiggly pile in the den. The pups are starting to wobble and move on their own a bit. F2062, mom, moved the duo out of the den and under the hollowed out log the night of May 9th. It seems that the little ones were doing a lot of walking on their own in the den and on their way out anyway. A few videoRead more

Update from the Wolf exhibit

It’s been one week since we shut the wolf exhibit down – for guests and staff. We don’t have much news to share except our two little ones appear to be growing like weeds. Enjoy the footage from the den camera. There is so much to see: intense eating (and snuggling), eyes opening, and even the beginnings of walking. We’ll have to get in the exhibit this week and “pup proof it” now that walking has begun.  Read more