What you missed while we’ve been gone

A lot has happened during the 11 months we’ve been gone from blogging. I’ll be making several posts regarding some items to share with you from 2016. To start of with, in September we received some funding that allowed us to expand the alpaca yard. (in August 2015 we were able to grow it a little, but this time we added much more space). In less than one week, a few trees came down, the fence was moved back, mulchRead more

QuikPic: Three Katyies

I’m sitting in my office taking on a rest on this snow day– I’ll have to post about today another day when I have more energy and time. In the meantime, I came across the photo below and it made me smile, just as I did when I took the picture. We’ve got a lot of people named Katee ( I have a friend who spells her name that way) at the Museum. The three I spend the most timeRead more

Keeper Katie’s operant conditioning work

Keeper Katie works with the bears closely and is their primary trainer. You can see how well Katie is doing working with Virginia to open her mouth. (Getting a good look at an animal’s teeth is an important part of veterinary care). We’ll post more videos of the Keepers doing operant conditioning work with the animals if you want- just say the word.Read more

Christmas 2016

So, I arrive this Christmas without any issues at all- waking before my alarm and remembering to pack some food. The Keepers have left me some notes: Compared to Christmas 2015, there are a few primary differences I notice right off the bat: I am using a smart phone this year to take pictures… no more flip phone for me. I set the logbooks up on the Vet Room table rather than the counter- apparently sitting is a desire thisRead more

Christmas 2016 is coming

We’ve been gone from blogging for a very long time… but we’re back. Look for my annual Christmas post as a welcome back, but in the meantime you can scroll through past Christmas Blog posts if you want: Christmas 2015 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2013 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2010 Christmas 2009 Christmas 2008 Christmas 2007Read more

QuikPic: Alpaca yard expansion

I was going through the photos on my phone and found this one. We expanded the alpaca yard in August and the girls immediately went and starting eating the tree. No longer any grass, or the bottom half of the tree in this area any more.  Read more

Medicating the Bears

Every animals takes their medication differently. A few years ago, Jill made a post about how we get some of our animals to take their meds. Recently, we had Leslie out in Explore the Wild taking photos of some of our exhibits and she just happened to catch Janine and me giving our bears their dewormer. Just like your pets at home get prophylactic dewormers (medication that is intended to prevent parasites), we do the same for our animals hereRead more

Filou gets his physical.

Dr. Vanderford  was nothing but smiles checking Filou out for his physical.   While his physical went great- the only issue being the need to take off some weight- he has aged quite a bit since then. Opossum’s tend to only live 2-3 years, and Filou is slowing down and showing some issues in the past month or more.  Read more