QuikPost: Stripes

You’re probably thinking about animals with stripes. Not me. I’m thinking sweaters, with stripes. I was at our biweekly operations planning meeting and noticed a theme going on. Kelly, Betsy, Debbie, and Madelyne seemed to have planned their outfits to be matchy-matchy. I’ve posted about this planning meeting before- check it out.  Read more

Another Alligator Adventure

Roughly every 2 years, we say goodbye to our exhibit and education gators and hello to a few new ones. It is that time of year once again! The Museum has an agreement with Alligator Adventure in South Carolina where we pick up a few hatchlings or small yearlings, raise them up big and strong, and return them when their size has made our exhibit in Carolina Wildlife a little too cramped. Here’s a blog post Sherry did a fewRead more

1803: meet our incoming male red wolf

You learned last week that our current red wolf family will be moving out and that we’d be getting new red wolves in November. Our next male red wolf will be coning to us from the Wolf Conservation Center in NY. My friend from the Wolf Conservation Center in NY sent me these beautiful photos of M1803. He’s 7 years old (born May 6, 2010) and has sired two litters of pups back in 2014 and 2015. I’ve been toldRead more

Pupdate #20… there is good in goodbyes

Last month I posted an update about the red wolf SSP meetingĀ and mentioned that we would have final news in September about our red wolves’ status for the coming year. The breeding and transfer plan is set and I have news to share… Our entire red wolf family, pups and parents, will be heading out. Difficult, emotional, exciting, and overwhelming are just some of the words that come to mind for me. We, the Red Wolf SSP, made the finalRead more