WOW- pile of pups arrived today

I was notified last night that the female wolf, F2062, was acting very antsy. Seems like she knew Earth Day was the day to deliver her pups. Welcome to these six amazing little ones. The future of red wolves relies on these new additions and facilities like us and our partner institutions. We provide opportunities not only for breeding, but also to share information about this critically endangered species. Hopefully we are making more red wolf advocates along with moreRead more

Alpaca shearing complete

Shearing is a critical part of taking care of our alpacas. Alpacas are native to South America. Their fleece helps keep them warm in the cold climate of the Andes Mountains. However, we live in a different climate and shearing our girls is important for their health and wellness. With our hot and steamy summers, removing fleece (as well as providing pools of water, misting fans, and shade) is critical. We typically shear annually in April and this gets ourRead more

New Arrivals!

No, not wolf pups. Salamanders! Two California Tiger Salamanders, Ambystoma californiense, arrived today. The Sacramento Zoo sent us these beauties. We’ve been working on the transfer for a few months. After medical checks and appropriate licensing and permits cleared, the two became ours. They will be in quarantine for a bit, and then we expect to have our staff take them out for educational programs.Read more

Lemur physicals complete

We finished up all seven lemur physicals last month. Everything went well, and everyone seems to be doing well! Thanks to Dr. Vanderford, Katy, Autumn, and Aaron in particular for their diligence in their planning and taking care of everything.Read more

It’s been a long time…

… Since the red wolves tied in February. Below is the original all-staff list of “will we have red wolf pups”. The Keepers have a separate, list, with every single date having pups here, and by April 22. We’ll know soon, and so will you.Read more