Radiated Tortoises now in the Lemur Yard!

Our five Radiated Tortoises can now be found in the lemur yard with the Ring-Tailed Lemurs! The tortoises don’t have access to the whole yard so look for them in the area sectioned off with logs. You’ll most likely see the tortoises munching on grass and other vegetation. They will be out in the exhibit yard until temperatures drop too low in the fall. They like it HOT so even on days the lemurs might need a break from theRead more

Red Wolf SSP meeting 2017

Next week I am off to this year’s Red Wolf SSP Meeting. Every July I head to the master plan meeting for the red wolf species survival plan (SSP). Folks from around the country come together to talk “red wolves”. We review new research, what’s going on with the red wolves in the wild, any health advancements, and more. This is also when we make the breeding and transfer recommendations for the upcoming year. With the pups born at theRead more

Pupdate # 17

Given scheduling and temperatures, the pups were caught up early in the day on Saturday July 15. This was their 10-11 week “check up”. During this visit, in addition to the weighing and checking out their overall body, they got their last dewormer, second vaccine, and their microchip for identification. Since it was Saturday, we were a little low on bodies. I enlisted the help of our CFO, Debbie May, to be our note-taker. You can thank Eli, who worksRead more

Keeper Appreciation Week

The third week in July is National Zoo Keeper Week. I think of it as Keeper Appreciation Week. There’s all sorts of days throughout the year to honor workers (Boss’s Day is October 16, May 22 honors those in the Accounting profession, Postal Worker day in July 1… the list goes on and on). The Keepers give their all to care for the animals at the Museum. Unfortunately, the animals cannot say “thanks”, so it’s our job to make thisRead more

QuikPic: Lemurs

I caught all seven lemurs in the same area. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to take one picture of all of them before.   Pretty soon the tortoises will be heading outside in the yard- that should be quite a sight!    Read more

Pupdate # 15

Another Pup Check complete. All four were in the dens this morning. Three of them were in the front den and the last one (pup # 2, who seems to spend the most time by herself) was in the back den. Some photos below of what it looks like when we go to get them out of the dens.           The pups are big, and in numerical order below, from left to right. All pups gotRead more

What is Browse?

In animal keeper language, browse means plants and vegetation that we offer to our animals. Several times a week we harvest freshly cut browse that has been approved by our veterinarians. Our veterinary specialist, Katy, put together a browse book that includes pictures of the plant/tree, who it is approved for and where on grounds it grows. This is a great asset for new keepers just learning to identify different vegetation and for seasoned keepers to make sure their knowledge is up to date.Read more

Pupdate #14- everyone’s home and well.

It’s likely that everyone who is reading this knows that our pups had an unscheduled field trip (too many reports to link to, but one here and here to check out). We learned Monday morning that our pups were outside of the exhibit. The pups seemed to stay close to the wolf exhibit and scattered/hid on our first two attempts to bring them home. 7-8 week old pups can squeeze through anything, are small enough to hide in our woodsRead more