Pupdate #8… VIDEOS!

May 30 is our next planned pup check so we’ll have more information to share then. In the meantime, lots has been going on with the wolves. Check out Ranger Greg’s blog post from May 24. Pups are spending time out of the den, walking, and  moving around (on their own and via the mouth’s of their parents). In fact, you might not see them at all in the primary den as the parents have spent time moving the pupsRead more

Spotlight: Educator Steve

This is Steve- he’s one of our educators at the Museum He bikes to work on his unicycle! Before I go on, Steve is the one who came up with the name “Pupdate” for the updates on the wolf pups. Check out all the Pupdates, here, here, here, and don’t miss here or here. (And the two newest ones here and here). I spent a lot of time with Steve and some of his teammates over the past year while IRead more

Baby Goat Hair

If you happen to wander through the goat yard when I’m hanging out training the museum’s little goat herd, I will be the first person to show off the ridiculously long hair that grows along Charlie’s spine. I will also be the first to admit that, despite some research, I have no idea why it grows like this, what it’s for, or if it’s just an extra special characteristic of some baby Nigerian Dwarf goats. Two of our three boysRead more

Pupdate #7- on the move (sort of)

The Pups are three weeks old and doing okay. We are fortunate, for the most part, that the camera in the den is functional and that mom has left the pups in this denning location. We have another “human made” den, and there are numerous sites around the exhibit that mom has excavated.I’m glad she chose the front den to have her pups! I say “for the most part” because on Tuesday May 16, F1858 moved one of her pupsRead more

Pupdate #6

Pup check on the 16th went well. Everyone’s eyes are open and our bucket doesn’t necessarily contain them anymore. Weights are still progressing at a consistent rate– all the pups weigh 1,425 grams-1,742 grams. (We’ll probably start reporting weights in Kg soon).  The Pups got their first round of de-wormer too. Photos from the May 16th check are below for you- enjoy.        Read more

Keepers building enrichment!

When we aren’t busy shoveling stalls, scooping poop or making diets we occasionally get time to work on a special project or make new enrichment items. Last month, Janine, Katie and I got to build a hammock bed for our bears. It involved some wood as the frame, fire hose and lots of washers and screws.  At Janine’s past job she made plenty of these types of beds so she was showing Katie and I the ropes. Not only isRead more

Pupdate #5

Here’s the Thursday morning report. Note that this will be the last report for a week or more, so take it all in. The four pups look good this morning. They are fuzzier today- only one on Monday was starting to get fuzzy. In addition to being fuzzier, their coloring is starting to lighten and as you can see in the pictures their snouts are starting to grow. They actually look like some sort of canid now. Pup #3 mayRead more

Pupdate #4

Dr. Vanderford checked the pups out Monday. The four pups are bigger– they’ve all gained about the same percentage of weight (33-37%), which means that our big one (#3) is much bigger than our small one (#5).  These males weighed in at 1,016 grams and 759 grams Monday morning. The females, #2 and #6, were at 875 grams and 932 grams. Some photos to follow which show some of the abrasion issues we pay close attention to, along with #2Read more

Pupdate #3… the good and the sad take-two

My plans for what was to be in this Pupdate are delayed for more pressing news to share… Friday morning we found four pups. All four pups looked great. The pup with the foot wound still had issues but there was some improvement. Yes, I said we have four pups.  We know the female was digging yesterday, so we searched the yard to see if we could find the fifth pup in a different den location. We did not. TheRead more

Pupdate #2

A few pictures of the pups from the past two days. This morning, the foot of #2, female, is still an issue, and we’re still very attentive to it. The other four pups were in pretty good shape. All five gained more weight… as expected. More vocalization and more movement today too. We spent a greater proportion of today’s check-in changing gloves and wiping off pup-poop from gloves, pants, paperwork, and pups. Our Exhibits Team got a den camera upRead more