Welcome to June

Lots of yard work got done today, with the help of some new folks on campus. Ranger Brooke joined our team yesterday and will be with us a couple days each week all month. We, with the help of our entire OLE Team, (DeCario, David, Terrence, Alex, and Savannah) got the lemur/tortoise yard mowed, trees cut and pruned back from the lemur fence, bear cliff weed-eated, bear yard mowed, yard poop-scooped, and the pool skimmed. All the bears are inRead more

The End of May

It’s the last day of May. Kind of crazy to think about what the last three months have been like. Although not ideal, nor anyone’s preference, we’ve settled into a routine here. The gifts keep coming: (click here for our wish list) Virginia continues to get her laser treatment: The Team spends lunch time, and lots of other time too, with Lightning: We continue to stay diligent in keeping ourselves and the animals as safe and well as possible. Don’tRead more

Memorial Day Weekend Activities

What could one do this Memorial Day Weekend? Hum…. so many choices, the best one being safe and staying well. At the Museum here’s a few things on my list: Go for a drive. Spend time with friends, outdoors. As they finished cutting, the skies opened up. Rain and a bit of thunder made for an awfully wet hauling off of limbs. (Remember, we’re not letting brush piles sit around anymore of fear we get guests) Maybe even a boatRead more

Copperheads on Campus

It is the time of year when we start to see more snakes, and copperheads are just one of the very common snakes found on our grounds, in Durham, and around the state. The past couple days we had to remove two copperheads from unwanted areas. Janine and Rob were loading limbs (from last week’s yard work) onto the trailer to haul off. Janine was pleasantly surprised (I mean terrified) to come just about face to face with this littleRead more

What’s been going on here

It seems to be a theme– another package of goodies sent for the critters. This time, no note, so a huge THANK YOU to the sender(s) of these items. With all the rain this week, a lot of our add-on projects got postponed. We’ll be spending time getting wet, drying off, and getting wet again, so look for a report next week. However, you know we got the wolf pool cleaned last week. Every wolf pool cleaning comes with someRead more

Making Lemonade out of Lemons… red wolf pup style

Nope, no pups here, but it’s the time of year when red wolves have pups. For the most part, every red wolf is born in April or May (I believe there have been three litters in the past 30+ years born the very last week in March). Several of our partner institutions in the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan have had pups. North Carolina Zoo, Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, and Rowan Wildlife Adventures, just to name a few. EvenRead more